Printed Lanyards – Order custom promotional lanyards in the UK branded with your message or logo. Ideal for marketing promotions, events, staff, security and more...

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Promotional Pouches

Order from a range of different sizes of lanyards and card holders. With a choice of clear pouches in both soft and rigid PVC plus dual-sided card holders in a variety of sizes and orientations, you can get all your lanyards and pouches in one place.
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Lanyard Pouches & Card Holders

Look on the rack of any motorway rest stop while travelling or on a wheel of merchandise at a convenience store and you will see lanyard pouches and card holders. These promotional items are purchased by persons wanting to keep a hold of a badge, key or other item hard to find but critical to keep. Lanyards are used on luggage to identify special bags with particular needs as well as customers using them to easily identify their luggage amidst everyone else’s. People place these items on luggage belts, on belt loops or wear them as necklaces and they are washable allowing them to be used extensively. When you add your company’s brand to a printed lanyard then you can see how much exposure you can receive from this essential and varied item.

Most companies realise it is a good idea to have a lanyard pouch and card holder with the company logo on it. This is a convenience for employees and great advertising for the company. Employees leave work and many go about their personal business whilst carrying the company lanyard. By offering lanyards to staff, it provides a clear benefit from your employees who can easily advertise the company and your logo. You can order reflective materials, bamboo fibre, or order those made from recyclable plastics, there are so many materials and methods of printing and so many ways to promote your project, from a run to a concert.

Lanyards and card holders are used by many people; housewives, students, workers and school children. Badges and lanyards are an excellent method of finding things you need because they are so accessible. For a company with many employees, the lanyards and card holders can be ordered in large quantities at discounted prices, and the logo and colours can be printed before leaving the factory. Badges and lanyards are held by the user with strong plastic covering and sturdy lanyard materials. There are also detachable lanyards that can pull apart if caught, causing no harm to the person wearing them, lanyards made of nylon material are strong and easy to wear.